john lomax

john lomax

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First Name * john
Last Name * lomax
Username * slipmaggot75
Country * USA
City Chicago
Nationality African American
Languages English



Availability: student


My name is John Lomax I am 21 years old and I am currently a Senior at Columbia College Chicago graduating in spring 2010. I have worked in the video game industry as an environment art intern at Midway Games Chicago for almost a year until the company was unfortunately forced to downsize which led to a massive layoff which effected me. Even with the layoff words can not describe how grateful i am to have experienced a professional work environment with a company of that caliber. I learned a lot during my time their and hopefully upon graduation i will be able to experience the same again with another video game development company. Currently I am a Teachers assistant for a 3d composition course and a Maya Tutor in my department. I have a great love for all that is 3d but specifically environment art in which i have chosen as my vocation.


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